Kimono Wash and Care

Wash and Care Instructions for your new BCKimonos BJJ Gi


First Wash:

This is critically important as the first wash is where most people ruin their brand new Gi.

No matter how the Gi fits out of the package it is important to always follow the First Wash care instructions before proceeding.

  1. Wash the Gi by itself in Cold water with your regular detergent (Use color safe detergent if this is a colored Gi)
  2. Hang or Line Dry the Gi. **No Dryer**

*  Do Not use Bleach or similar products

*  Do not add Vinegar to "set in" the color of the Gi


Fit Test:

After the First Wash and Hang Dry you can properly assess your Gi for fit.  If it is close to where you want it then I would recommend that you repeat the Wash and Hang dry cycle a couple more times as all cotton will continue to shrink a very small amount (no matter what some companies tell you).


If you are sure your Gi will need further shrinkage then this is the only time I will consider the use of a dryer.  Start by washing the Gi using a cold cycle again.  Then on the lowest heat that your dryer can produce, dry your Gi in 5-10 minute intervals, pulling it out to check the fit after each interval. **Please be very careful with this stage and error on the side of caution**

When the Gi is getting close to the fit you want take it out of the heat and let it hang dry for the remaining period.  The Gi will still shrink a small bit as it hangs dry and the remaining water leaves the Cotton, so don't take it too short during the Dryer cycles.

*After the Fitting Cycle your Gi should never again touch the Dryer.  These Gis are not meant to see heat as it will damage the Cotton and possibly warp the collars*


Regular Wash:

  1. Wash in Cold or Cool water.
  2. Hang or Line Dry.

*  Never use Bleach on your Gi

*  Never place your Gi in the Dryer

*  Use a color safe detergent for your colored Gis


Most importantly- Get on the mats and enjoy your new Gi! 

There's nothing like stepping on the mats with a new suit of armor.


Thanks from BCKimonos