Training Gear Care

Wash and Care Instructions:

Proper care and maintenance of your Jiu-Jitsu Kimono, belts and NoGi gear is essential to ensure their longevity and performance. By following these care instructions, you can keep your gear in top condition and maximize its lifespan.

NoGi Gear Wash and Care:

Wash and dry as you would any training gear - right after training (not after being forgotten in your training bag or hot trunk for hours). To keep your gear fresh and functional for years, we recommend  a warm water wash with either hang dry or medium heat in the dryer for all grappling Shorts, Tights and Rashguards.  This will not shrink them or damage their fibres. 

All hoodies should be cold washed with like colors and hang dried to preserve their fit and design quality.  

Kimono First Wash:

Right out of the bag, your new Gi should be a little bit too big. Don’t panic, they are made out of 100% cotton so they will shrink a little bit.

Your first wash should be:

- COLD WATER WASH - with your normal detergent
- HANG DRY - no heat, no sun, no dryer!

Fit Test: 

If your new Gi fits good then you can repeat washing it with cold water and hang drying.  It will shrink a very small amount as all cotton continues to shrink over time as the fibres do their thing.  

If your new Gi is too big then wash it again in cold water and use the dryer cautiously and patiently.  With your dryer on its lowest heat setting check your Gi every 5-10 minutes by putting it on and checking the width and length.  When you find the fit you like hang dry it for the remaining time, please be cautious and err on the side of ‘slightly too big’ as your Gi will shrink a small amount further as the remaining water leaves the cotton.

Remember, you can always make a too big Gi smaller, but never reverse the process to make a too small Gi bigger.  

Regular Wash:

Cold wash and hang dry your cotton Kimono and Belts. Always and often!

This keeps your Gi and belt fitting perfectly, staying fresh, and will not damage the cotton fibres.

Avoid the dryer, be patient and embrace hang drying as it really does prolong the life of your Gi.  The dryer can also damage and warp the collars.

Never use bleach, it may ‘keep your Gi white’ but it damages and weakens the cotton.  

Use color safe detergent on your coloured Kimonos.

Always, always, always wash your Gi after every use.  Because no one wants to play with the stinky kid.