About Us

BCKimonos is homegrown company that was started in Kelowna, BC with a simple mission: 

To provide well built premium Kimonos with clean designs at an affordable non-premium price, something that we do with all our products.

BCKimonos is also dedicated to working with and sponsoring local athletes that are not only great ambassadors of Jiu Jitsu but are also hard working and incredible human beings.

What does BCKimonos mean?

BCKimonos stands for a lot of things, it began as an homage to the province where it all started and as the initials of the founder, Brett Cooper.

In 2021 Brad and Emily moved BCK to Calgary. BCKimonos now stands for quality gear and clean designs.  Our name means we are a proudly local Canadian Company designed by Canadian grapplers for Canadian grapplers.

As always thank you for your support and choosing BCKimonos

         - B + E

Please contact us at bckimonos@gmail.com.