About Us

BCKimonos is homegrown company that I started with a very simple mission:

To provide well built premium Kimonos with clean designs at an affordable non-premium price.  This follows through into all the equipment that we provide.  

BCKimonos is also dedicated to working with and sponsoring local athletes that are great ambassadors of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Martial Arts.

What does BCKimonos mean?

Officially the BC does not stand for anything in particular.  It pays homage to a few things though, my home province where all of the gear is designed and distributed from as well as the initials of my name.

But for all  intents and purposes it is simply BCKimonos, which stands for clean designs and outstanding quality that we at BCKimonos are proud to stand behind.

Thanks for your support.


Brett Cooper- Owner, BCKimonos