Stu Deleurme

BCKimonos officially welcomes Stu Deleurme from the RDC Jiu Jitsu Academy to our Team.  Stu has been a machine at every level of competition and shows no signs of slowing up.

 I have known Stu since he was teenager taking his first classes of BJJ. I can attest that his level of achievement is due to a crazy work ethic and willingness to learn.

 In addition to the competition record listed below, Stu is an active MMA fighter with a 5-1 Amateur record and a 1-1 Pro record.

 Welcome to the team Stu. Honored to have you.

 BJJ Brown Belt

1-0 Professional MMA

5-1 Amateur MMA, Former Battlefield Fight League Welterweight Champion

2x Grapplers Quest Silver Medalist

2x Grapplers Quest Bronze Medalist

2X NAGA Silver Medalist

1x CBJJF Okanagan Classic Gold Medalist

1x CBJJF Okanagan Classic Silver Medalist

CBJJF Okangan Winter Class Brown/Black Superfight Winner 2013

1x BC Provincial Championships Gold Medalist

2x BC Provincial Championships Silver Medalist

3x BC BJJ Championships Gold Medalist

BC BJJ Absolute No-Gi Division Winner 2011

5x Tigerbalm International Gold Medalist

1X Tigerbalm International Silver Medalist

1x Tigerbalm International Bronze Medalist

5x Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships Gold Medalist

2x Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships Silver Medalist

1x Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships Bronze Medalist

4x Grapplers Inc Gold Medalist

3x Grapplers Inc Bronze Medalist

2x Submission Series Gold Medalist

1x Submission Series Bronze Medalist

1x Kelowna Absolute Submission Bronze Medalist